Top Primate offers a range of classes in different disciplines from Functional Fitness to yoga inspired Stretch Classes and Performance Training. Group classes are a great way to get fit and without the contact of combat sports. We'll condition you like our fighters, without the bruises! The classes are fun, full of energy, and support you to progress at your own speed. Sign up with friends and encourage each other to push the envelope or make new friends with similar goals. The atmosphere in a motivated group is electric and we are always pushing the pace, ensuring everyone is challenged in new ways. Our instructors keep the class exciting and they always make time to address the needs of individuals. You don’t only learn from your own successes and mistakes in a class, but from everyone else’s too. 

At Top Primate we push the boundaries of strength, endurance and movement. Our advanced classes will challenge even the most seasoned athlete and have proved a vital part of our Fight Team conditioning. Without this aspect of our training, our fighters would not last a round. 


PRIMAL FLOW - Animal Movement meets Yoga

DEEP STRETCH - Yoga Inspired Stretch Class

STRENGTH & CONDITIONING - Get fitter and stronger than ever before