Our Youth Boxing, Muay Thai and Athletic development training is a specialized program run by highly experienced coaches and professional fighters. The kids will learn basic punches, defense, and Boxing / Muay Thai techniques. We will have them hitting the mitts, heavy bags, shadow boxing, and most other traditional exercises. In addition to technique aspect, the kids will go through conventional exercises which includes safe weight lifting, exciting circuit training, calisthenics and much more. The training will lead to an increase in confidence and kids will find a new joy in exercising, building a solid foundation for a fit and healthy future.

Our Youth Program trains each member in correct technique and the fundamentals of Boxing / Muay Thai while paying close attention to age and skill level. Youth training is designed to provide the opportunity for every youth member to improve his or her athletic endurance. Private and small group training available. 



Our Kids Bully-Proof approach to training helps our students achieve and succeed in ways they never have before. We instill a strong sense of commitment and self-confidence that will serve your child for the rest of their lives. With Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Muay Thai training, we can help teach your child how to overcome the challenges and obstacles life throws at them. Their increased self-confidence, control and and focus will help you see positive changes in all aspects of their lives. Their behavior will improve, as will their school work. And most importantly, your child will learn how to make healthy lifestyle choices, to keep them physically fit for the rest of their lives while developing a skill-set that will enable them to protect themselves against bullies and potentially threatening situations. 

At Top Primate , we encourage your child to set goals and work hard towards meeting them. We teach them to be responsible for their own actions and how to demonstrate self-control and discipline in their everyday lives. We also teach them proper conflict resolution and how to interact with people at all levels.