At Top Primate we combine traditional boxing workout regimens with intense cardio routines, technical drills and padwork, ending with a rugged abs & core workout.  Our coaches possess years of experience and will use their expertise to motivate and push you to the limit. We focus on technique and train you according to your level, accommodating beginners to experienced competitors. You will train like our professional fighters do and leave feeling like a champion! 

We focus on building basic fundamentals of the Sweet Science and use tried and tested techniques to equip our students with high-level boxing skills. Our fun, fast tempo approach focuses on building a solid foundation emphasizing stances, movement and explosive offensive / defensive power techniques. With heavy emphasis on full body conditioning drills, the purpose of which is to get you into the best shape of your life and ensure you're always 'fighting fit'! Our aim is to condition your body like a fighter’s body, while building the proper foundation of technical knowledge and physical ability. 

Our advanced boxing program emphasizes fight tactics and ring strategy with more advanced drills and combinations. The program also utilizes a lot of heavy pad training, partner pairing drills, heavy bag work and fighting preparation drills. We have several highly ranked professional fighters as part of our Boxing Team and continue to develop highly skilled amateur fighters into aspiring pro's. 

Its not only amateur and pro fighters that can taste the glory of combat! Those who want to truly test their boxing skills and take their training to the next level can step into the ring for sparring or even a white collar boxing fight!  At Top Primate we will work with you at whatever contact level you feel comfortable with, always providing you with the best boxing training offered in South Africa. Whether you just want to get fit or dream of being a world champion - Our boxing program is for you! 

While we do teach REAL BOXING and not the widely commercialized version of 'Boxercising', the level of contact is totally up to you! We're here to teach you the skills and give you the confidence to decide how far you want to go! Whether you do boxing for the fitness and fun or for the competitive aspect, you will feel at home at Top Primate and have a team of dedicated coaches to help you grow as a boxer.